Uncle Trey – Overthoughts Lyrics

I’m drowning in the brown while I’m caught in my thoughts
Serving time in my mind and lost in the sauce
Constantly wonder who listens, wonder even more why
Do my truths fascinate you? Would you rather hear lies?
Thoughts like these weigh heavy on my mind
While I’m locked in here, barely peeping through the blinds
Wanna shake y’all awake but scared to open the canopy
Love when y’all relate but hate too much transparency
I wanna shine but can’t stand the spotlight
Peep who y’all praise to see who to be not like
The constant feeling that I’m doing this wrong
That I don’t belong, got me so far gone
Along with my lust for life
Wanna say what’s real but ignorant shit y’all like
Think the best y’all ever had, now think a bit greater
I pray to be successful, much sooner than later

(Chorus x2)
I be overthinking
Undersleeping, undereating
But I’m always drinking
Feel like I’m drowning, going down
Deeper I’m further sinking

Into my thoughts, I’m getting caught up
Swear I must be trippin
I’m always overthinking

Stuck in my head, swear I am my own tumor
If I ever get a therapist they better wear a scuba
That boy a buoy when his head above water
But struggle when I’m under, tryna’ hold my breath longer
Always emerge just to feel a bit stronger
And cherish that I’m breathing so a breath is never squandered
Loose lips sink ships, drinks getting me wavy
I’m telling y’all too much, ya prolly think I’m crazy
Till Jam say, “You swear you so different
You ain’t special for thinkin’ like this, tell me who isn’t?”
Tell me I’m not trippin’, all this baggage, need a vacay
Maybe next Friday, top flight, like I’m Day-Day
Everybody got opinions but their motives obscure
Can’t get they life right but tell you how to live yours
When you just want exposure, they all wanna expose ya
If I never open up, I’ll never need no closure

(Chorus x2)

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