The CIA threatened Russia with consequences due to the “Havana syndrome”

According to the Washington Post, sources in the US Central Intelligence Agency reported that CIA Director William Burns warned the Russian authorities about serious consequences if the special services, during their investigation, discovered that Moscow was linked to cases of Havana Syndrome; from American diplomats.


Paul sources said that Burns made a statement during his visit to Moscow in early November of this year.

“Forcing US diplomats and their families to suffer from brain damage and other painful conditions is a step beyond acceptable behavior for professional intelligence services,” the CIA director said in Moscow

Clarifies that Burns, in his warning, did not directly blame for what US officials call “abnormal health problems.” AHI incidents, “the newspaper writes.

However, the sources emphasize that the decision of the CIA director to inform his colleagues in Moscow about the possibility of Russian participation directly underlines the deep suspicions of the American intelligence services of the Kremlin's guilt.


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