Scientists estimate the risk of contracting COVID-19 after vaccination

According to a study by Israeli scientists, the likelihood of infection becomes significant three months after the second dose of vaccine and gradually increases over time. The patients observed by the authors received the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, but the results, according to the researchers, can generally be extended to other vaccines. The article was published in BMJ magazine.

Israel was one of the first to launch a large-scale vaccination campaign against COVID-19, which began in December 2020. Almost the entire adult population of the country and children over 12 years old were vaccinated. But in June 2021, a new wave of COVID-19 began in the country.

Scientists from the Leumit Health System Research Institute analyzed electronic health records to understand how often vaccinated people tested positive for COVID-19 and how much time has passed since they were vaccinated.

In total, the authors examined electronic medical records of 80,057 Israeli adults who underwent a PCR test at least three weeks after the second injection and had no previous COVID-19 infection. < p>

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