Peacemakers are different. Which CSTO countries are responsible for what in Kazakhstan

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After the introduction of the CSTO peacekeeping contingents in Kazakhstan, we can say that this organization has finally shown that it is capable of something. In a few days, a certain division of responsibilities has developed between the partners.


A company of peacekeepers of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus took under protection the Zhetygen airfield, 30 kilometers from Almaty. In the first days of the deployment of the peacekeeping contingent, it was the most important strategic object of Kazakhstan. Since the international airport of Almaty was destroyed by looters, it was unsafe to land numerous military transport aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces there. & Nbsp;

The company is commanded by Guard Major Igor Gil :

& mdash; The company, which I command, twice took part in exercises on the territory of Belarus and four times & mdash; in Russia. In Armenia and Tajikistan, such exercises were held once, in Kazakhstan & mdash; twice. Who then could have imagined that on the territory of our Kazakh brothers we would have to participate not in training, but in real peacekeeping operations! But there is, as they say, good news. In a few days, I met four acquaintances whom I crossed paths with during maneuvers in previous years. Some of the servicemen who have served in the company longer than I have met more acquaintances, which cannot but rejoice. We worked closely with the Russian paratroopers, who were the first to take the airfield under protection, for 24 hours. Then they passed the object to us.

Belarusian fighter in position. Photo: AiF/Sergey Osipov


Alma-Ata heating plant No. 2 supplies heat and electricity to more than half of the population of the huge city, which is home to more than 2 million people. It is the former capital of Kazakhstan and the largest city in the country. As part of the agreements of the CSTO member states, it is guarded by units of the Scorpio special forces brigade. from Kyrgyzstan. & nbsp;

That brotherly Kazakhstan needs help, “ Scorpions '' learned how everyone & mdash; from the address of President Tokayev in the CSTO. The brigade was alerted on January 6. From the Kant airfield, 12 Russian Il-76s transferred the Kyrgyz special forces with armored vehicles and other weapons to the Almaty airfield & mdash; 150 people and 20 pieces of equipment. Now the Kyrgyz peacekeepers are guarding the thermal power station together with the Kazakh police and the security service of power engineers. The regime at the facility had to be strengthened. At night, there is such an unthinkable measure in peacetime as the password system & mdash; reviews.

Tajikistan, Armenia

A Tajik contingent of peacekeepers in the amount of about a hundred people is guarding TPP No. 1. Unlike TPP No. 2, it does not run on Ekibastuz coal, but on gas. The appearance of Tajiks in Almaty & mdash; this is a kind of “ return visit '': from 1992 to 2002. the military from Kazakhstan helped restore peace in Tajikistan during and after the civil war there. A battalion of peacekeepers brought with them dry rations, but the local authorities put it on their rations. The Tajik contingent is fed by CHP-1 itself. Today breakfast included rice porridge, bread, butter, sausage, eggs and sweet tea with cookies.

By the way, about bread and biscuits. The most 'delicious' the object in the city of Almaty went to a contingent of peacekeepers from Armenia. This is the Aksai bakery and confectionery plant, which supplies bread to a good half of the city. They say that the first question of the Armenian peacekeepers to local law enforcement officers was not at all “ where to dig trenches? '', But “ where are you hiding your girls? ''.

Tajik contingent of peacekeepers. Photo: AiF/Sergey Osipov


The commander of the unit (what is & mdash; a military secret) of the 45th special forces brigade of the Airborne Forces, Senior Lieutenant Denis Ivanov took under protection the largest multimedia center of Almaty, which provides the million-plus city with cellular communications and the internet. Its task & mdash; prevent illegal armed groups, if any, and looters from entering the facility. On the day the press was admitted to this center, the President of Kazakhstan Tokayev announced the imminent withdrawal of the peacekeepers, since their mission was fully completed. As they say, thank you all, everyone is free. The commando commander from Kubinka outside Moscow was not particularly impressed by these words: “We appreciate this initiative, but the mission will be completed only after the order of our command.”

Spetsnaz of Russia on & nbsp; guarding communications and & nbsp; the Internet. Photo: AiF/Sergey Osipov


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