Secrets of the Nazarbayev family: billionaires gave birth to billionaires

How the clan of the first president of Kazakhstan works

The family does not understand where the missing first president of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, is facing difficult times – even if we leave out the possible problems with his health. The current head of the republic, Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev, said that under Elbasy, very rich people appeared in the country, but now it is time to think about the common people. Many perceived this as the first step towards the redistribution of property, because the richest people in Kazakhstan are Nazarbayev's relatives and their loved ones. Their combined fortune exceeds $ 20 billion.


The founding father and his wife

Nursultan Nazarbayev, in various guises, ruled Kazakhstan from 1984 to 2021. But during this time, judging by the official data, he did not become either a billionaire or even a large landowner. He devoted his whole life to serving the people, for which the grateful Kazakhstanis renamed the capital, the airport, the main streets of their cities, and so on in his honor. At least that's what they said until 2022.

Now, in personal conversations, Kazakhstani political scientists admit that there was, to put it mildly, some kind of nonsense with the renaming. Elbasy's special status, if he is still alive, must be taken away, and so that in the future no one imagines himself to be a “living god”. And Nazarbayev's opponents believe that during his reign, he could accumulate about $ 100 billion. And the only family members who do not have “useful assets” are Elbasy's wife Sara Nazarbayeva, and even minor grandchildren. All the others managed to take a bite of the national heritage, some a little, and some to their fill.


Dariga Nazarbayeva is considered the most influential woman in Kazakhstan. For a long time she hoped to become the president of the republic, and she did not want to part with her dreams even after her dad made Kasym-Zhomart Tokayev president. Only in 2020, the second head of state managed to pacify Elbasy's daughter, removing her from the post of Speaker of Parliament.

The pinnacle of Dariga's political career was the post of Chairman of the Senate of Parliament – the second most important post in the country. Prior to that, she was pursuing her career in the media business. In particular, the eldest daughter of Nazarbayev in 1995 created the Khabar TV channel on the basis of the Kazakh TV information service. Then she bought the local radio station “Europe Plus”, TV companies KTK, NTK, the popular newspaper “Karavan” and so on. In 2013, Dariga Nazarbayeva's fortune was estimated at almost $ 595 million.

Dariga Nazarbayeva. Photo: SenateKz

Dariga made a considerable part of this fortune during her only official marriage – with Rakhat Aliyev. In 2007, Aliyev in Kazakhstan was accused of kidnapping and murdering top managers of Nurbank, of which he was a shareholder. In this regard, a divorce was filed with the president's daughter, the ex-husband fled abroad, was arrested in Austria, and in 2015 was found dead in his prison cell. The media call Dariga's second husband Kairat Sharipbayev, the chairman of the board of KazTransGaz. KazTransGaz has 12 subsidiaries and jointly managed companies, according to the financial statements for 2020, the assets of the national company amount to about $ 5.4 billion.

The richest member of the presidential family is considered the middle daughter of Nursultan Nazarbayev – Dinara Kulibayeva (by her husband). According to Forbes, she ranks third among the richest people in Kazakhstan. Her fortune is approximately $ 2.9 billion. In the first 6 days of January, she lost $ 248 million. In fourth place in the ranking was her husband, Timur Kulibayev, whose fortune is also estimated at $ 2.9 billion.

Timur Kulibayev. Photo: Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Together they own Halyk Bank – the largest bank in Kazakhstan in terms of assets. In addition, the couple controls the production of liquefied gas and the network of gas stations throughout the country. Kulibayev is the head of the Kazenergy oil and gas union, which includes the mining companies of Kazakhstan.

Today Dariga Nazarbayeva did not attend a meeting of the lower house of the Kazakh parliament – although her entourage said that Dariga had a coronavirus, her absence was considered significant.

Nazarbayev's youngest daughter Aliya was married three times, and for the first time she married her husband for son of the first president of Kyrgyzstan Aydar Akayev. The other two husbands were major Kazakh businessmen.

Now her husband is the head of the national operator of main pipelines of Kazakhstan, KazTransOil, Dimash Dosanov. The gas interests of Nazarbayev's family members are especially interesting, since in January 2022 protests in the republic began precisely because they decided to double gas prices.

In addition, Aliya still controls the ROP Operator company, which since 2015 has been administering the recycling fee (for cars, auto components and packaged goods sold in the country) and disposes of the funds received. In early 2020, the company received about $ 500 million in fees. Aliya even wrote a school textbook on ecology, which is used by Kazakhstani children. However, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev said that the state will now handle the scrappage fee.

Suspected nephews

In fifth place on the Forbes list is the Kazakh counterpart of Ilona Mask – Vyacheslav Kim, whose fortune is estimated at $ 3.6 billion. According to the magazine, in the first 6 days of 2022, he managed to lose $ 2 billion. Kim owns the innovative Kaspi bank, which handles most of the country's payments. The secret of the success and deafening fall of one of the richest people in Kazakhstan is that one of the shareholders and co-founders of this bank was Nazarbayev's nephew Kairat Satybaldy.

Kairat Satybaldy. Photo:

As you know, at the beginning of 2022, Satybaldy turned out to be one of the main suspects in organizing the riots in Almaty. Many believe that he could have unleashed loyal militants on the first capital of Kazakhstan, since he himself is a well-known religious leader of the Salafi persuasion. Prior to that, he managed to get a general's shoulder straps, while working in the National Security Committee of Kazakhstan (KNB).

Kairat's brother Samat Abish also made his career in the KNB. He is also a general, but he did not leave the department even after the outbreak of protests in Kazakhstan. Abish still holds the post of deputy head of the KNB, although his immediate superior, Karim Massimov, was dismissed on January 5 and is now accused of high treason.

Samat and Kairat are the sons of Nazarbayev's younger brother Satybalda. He died in a car accident in 1981 at the age of 35.

Nephew is the “seventh water”

Akhmetzhan Yesimov is considered to be another relative of Nazarbayev. Kazakh media call him the nephew of Elbasy. However, the degree of kinship is difficult to establish. There is an age difference of 10 years between the leader of the nation and the nephew, but they were born in the ancestral village of the Shaprashty clan, to which the Nazarbayev family belongs. Most likely, Akhmetzhan is Nursultan's cousin.

Be that as it may, Yesimov was clearly treated kindly by Elbasy. He was the head of the Alma-Ata region and the mayor of Alma-Ata itself, the head of the presidential administration of Kazakhstan, the minister of agriculture, the chairman of the board of the Samruk-Kazyna National Welfare Fund and the head of the Astana EXPO-2017 Joint Stock Company.

Since, formally, Yesimov was a statesman and not a businessman for most of his life, there is not a lot of information about his welfare. But the husband of Yesimov's daughter, Aizhan Galimzhan Yessenov, immediately after the wedding bought Kazphosphate (included in the top 20 largest private companies in Kazakhstan) and ATFBank. The amount of the transaction was estimated at 620 million dollars, which Yessenov could not have, but which, apparently, Yesimov had. Opposition Kazakhstani journalists believe that a relative of Nazarbayev could have siphoned off the required amount from Samruk-Kazyna, concluding deals with offshore companies. fund “Samruk-Kazyna” and storage of balances from these operations. Naturally, the money was appropriated periodically. The scale of the theft is not known, but the fund has assets of 43% of the country's GDP at its disposal.

The scandal erupted in 2020, and at the beginning of 2021 Tokayev fired Esimov. True, Elbasy soon took him to the position of his freelance assistant. After the riots in January 2022, Tokayev announced that Samruk-Kazyna should either be reformed or liquidated.

Younger brother

Elbasy has another younger brother – Bolat Nazarbayev. He is a member of the board of directors of the Kazakhmys corporation. It is the largest copper producer in Kazakhstan. The firm is owned by the formally richest man in Kazakhstan, Vladimir Kim, whose fortune is estimated by Forbes at $ 4.7 billion. However, the opposition believes that Kim owes its success to Nazarbayev's younger brother. Among the sources of Bolat's income is also called “supervision” of the work of large bazaars of Almaty and its suburbs – food, clothing and automobile. By the way, according to Kyrgyz media reports, on January 6 Bolat crossed the border with Kyrgyzstan, from where he flew to Dubai.

Bolat Nazarbayev.

Bolat has three children. He was the first to have a daughter, Gulmira Abisheva, who, according to media reports, is now the chairman of the interdistrict administrative court of the Karasai district of the Almaty region. The second child again turned out to be a daughter – Kunduz Nazarbayeva, who is now developing a hairdressing business. But for the third time, a son, Nurbol Nazarbayev, was born, who was lucky to head Prime Capital Holding, the leading investment company in Kazakhstan. In addition, he is vice-president of the Federation of National Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Nursultan Nazarbayev surrounded by daughters. From left to right: Aliya, Dariga, Dinara. Photo:

Grandchildren of the leader of the nation

Nursultan Nazarbayev has 9 grandchildren. In 2020, there were 10 of them, but Aisultan Nzaarbayev, Dariga's son, died. According to the official version, death was due to natural causes as a result of cocaine addiction. Before his death, the grandson of Elbasy claimed that he could speak with God, hinting that he was Nazarbayev's son, and not a grandson. He also spoke a lot about the conspiracy that threatens Nursultan Nazarbayev. According to Aisultan, he became addicted to drugs after the death of his father, Rakhat Aliyev. Before that, he tried to build a career as a football player, wanted to play for Chelsea, but only managed to get through to Portsmouth.

Aisultan Nzaarbayev. Photo:

Dariga Nazarbayeva's eldest son Nurali Aliyev is a co-owner of Unit Telecom. It is the second largest cellular operator in Kazakhstan. Forbes estimates his fortune at $ 195 million.

Dariga's daughter Venera Alieva regularly appears at charity events organized by her mother. In addition, she starred in a cameo role in the film “Baikonur” and covered Britney Spears at the retro festival “Alma-Ata – My First Love”.

Dinara Kulibayeva's son Altai graduated with honors from the Cass Business School in London, its further fate is unknown. Dinara has two more daughters, and Aliya Nazarbayeva has three daughters and a son. All of them are minors and there is no information about them in the media.

There were footage of the purge of Almaty before the arrival of the President of Kazakhstan Tokayev

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