In the United States, Russia allowed an attempt to invade Ukraine with the help of sabotage

Sullivan: intelligence assumes that Russia will “fabricate” a pretext for the invasion of Ukraine Such information, according to the assistant to the President of the United States, has intelligence. They admitted that Russia would try to “fabricate” a pretext for invading Ukraine, accusing Kiev of preparing an attack on its troops

Jake Sullivan

US intelligence has evidence that Russia intends to “fake” pretext for “invasion” to Ukraine, US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said during a briefing.

“Our intelligence community is processing data that Russia is working to fabricate a pretext for an invasion, including sabotage and information operations, accusing Ukraine of preparing an attack on Russian forces in eastern Ukraine, — he said, pointing out that Secretary of State Anthony Blinken spoke about it. Sullivan recalled that the US “saw it in 2014.” He also noted that the United States would be ready to voice data on the Russian “scenario” against Ukraine in the next 24 hours.

According to him, the threat of “invasion” Russia into Ukraine “remains high”, although US intelligence has not yet come to a definite opinion about Moscow's intentions.

Sullivan noted that in the event of Russian military aggression against Ukraine, Washington is ready to strengthen the defense of its allies in Eastern Europe. “We have been clear both to Russia and publicly about several other options, and these include changes in military forces and capabilities that the US and NATO will deploy to the allies on the eastern flank in order to strengthen and strengthen the reliability of the allies’ defenses on their territory,” ; he explained.

In addition, the United States will “substantially strengthen” the support they are now providing to Ukraine, the assistant to the President of the United States warned.

At the same time, he stressed that Washington is in favor of a diplomatic solution to the Ukrainian issue, however, if Moscow decides to go the other way, the United States will “respond accordingly”.

Earlier, the media wrote that the United States would provide $200 million in military assistance to Ukraine, which the administration of President Joe Biden approved secretly. It has such powers over a state that is “in danger.” As part of its support for Ukraine, Washington will give it a radar system and maritime equipment, Politico wrote. CNN, in turn, reported that the new aid package provides for the sending of the same defensive equipment as before, including small arms, ammunition, protected radio stations, medical equipment.

In addition, the United States reported that it was studying the option of sending military to the countries of Eastern Europe, if relations between Russia and Ukraine escalate even more, up to a military confrontation.

The Russian authorities have repeatedly denied the intention to invade the territory of Ukraine. Moscow claims. that she has no “aggressive plans”; in relation to other states and emphasizes that the movement of troops on its territory does not pose a threat.

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