The British Minister announced the purchase and transfer of Soviet weapons to Kyiv

Defense Minister Ben Wallace said that the UK is buying Soviet and Russian-made weapons from all over the world for subsequent transfer to Ukraine. According to the minister, 23 countries have stockpiles of such weapons. The British Minister announced the purchase and transfer of Soviet weapons to Kyiv” />

Great Britain buys equipment and equipment of Russian and Soviet production in different countries in order to transfer them to Ukraine, said the head of the British Ministry of Defense Ben Wallace, quoted by the American edition The Wall Street Journal.

“A significant part of [the employees of the Ministry of Defense] and military attachés around the world are engaged in such searches. Sometimes, by the way, we run into Russians who are also looking for some of their samples [weapons and equipment], because <…> their reserves are rapidly depleted, — Wallace told reporters during a trip to Washington.

The Minister said that, according to his data, 23 countries have Russian equipment. “If you want to deliver something to the Ukrainians tomorrow morning so that they can immediately continue to fight, <…> find out what they were trained on and what they need, & mdash; Wallace explained.

He suggested that there are Soviet-made equipment in Afghanistan, but no one would dare to buy weapons there.

Earlier, the US and British authorities called on countries that have Soviet or Russian weapons to send such equipment to Ukraine in exchange for security guarantees or compensation. On April 8, it became known that Slovakia gave Ukraine its only anti-aircraft missile system (SAM) S-300. Earlier, the Slovak Ministry of Defense stated that they would transfer the air defense system to Kyiv if they received something in return. The Netherlands and Germany have agreed to supply Patriot systems to Slovakia.

At the end of March, Wallace announced the inexpediency of supplying tanks and weapons systems to Ukraine that require special operator training, so the UK is trying to help the Ukrainian Armed Forces upgrade Russian and Soviet equipment. But the country decided to send its own weapons to Kyiv, and later the minister announced its readiness to send the British Starstreak man-portable anti-aircraft missile systems. He also said that London had reached an agreement with the allies on the supply of additional air defense systems, long-range artillery, ammunition and protective equipment for soldiers to Kyiv. Before that, portable anti-tank installations NLAW were transferred to Ukraine.

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On April 8, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that the Kingdom intends to transfer weapons to Ukraine for a total of £100 million, including additional Starstreak MANPADS, missiles for them, “high-quality military equipment”, 300 anti-tank missiles and precision-guided munitions, as well as night vision devices, body armor and helmets. The Times also reported that London was ready to supply Kyiv with Harpoon anti-ship missiles, Switchblade disposable drones and anti-tank guns.

On April 9, Johnson visited Kyiv and promised new deliveries: 120 armored vehicles and anti-ship systems, as well as additional $500 million loan guarantees from the World Bank. According to him, the continuation of the armament of Ukraine— it is “the best thing world leaders can do” in the current situation.

On April 27, London announced its readiness to send high-tech Brimstone missiles (air & surface class) to Ukraine in the next few weeks. These missiles are designed to destroy land and sea targets, including moving ones.

Other Western states, including the United States, also supplied Ukraine with weapons. Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that one day Kyiv will have to pay for such supplies, calling them free cheese that lies in a mousetrap. Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov stressed that the supply of weapons to Ukraine by Western countries will not prevent Russia from achieving its goals.

In mid-April, the Russian Foreign Ministry sent notes of protest to some countries that supply weapons to Kyiv. Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov indicated that “any cargo that enters the territory of Ukraine and which we consider to be transporting weapons” will become a legitimate target for the Russian military, since the purpose of the special operation— “eliminate any threat against Russia that comes from the Ukrainian territory.”

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