Zelensky dismissed the commander of special operations forces

Grigory Galagan worked in the position for almost two years, the reasons for his dismissal are not explained ” alt=”Zelensky dismissed the commander of the special operations forces” />

Vladimir Zelensky

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky signed a decree on the dismissal of Grigory Galagan from the post of commander of the Special Operations Forces (SOF) of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the document was published on the website of the president's office.< /p>

He appointed Viktor Khorenko to this position by another decree.

Grigory Galagan headed the Special Operations Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in August 2020, replacing Igor Lunev in this post. Meeting with him after his appointment, Zelensky stressed that the MTR should focus, among other things, on preventing “provocations from pro-Russian militants.”

In addition, on Monday, Zelensky also dismissed the first deputy secretary of the National Security Council and defense. Commenting on the dismissal of Demchenko, the press secretary of the President of Ukraine Serhiy Nikiforov explained that the decision was made due to his state of health, UNIAN reports.

“Now we are all working, let’s say, at the limit of our capabilities. This is a big physical, moral, psychological burden. But, unfortunately, the state of health of Mr. Demchenko does not allow him to work with such a load now, — he clarified.

Advisor to the head of the presidential office, Mikhail Podolyak, confirmed to Ukrayinska Pravda that Demchenko's state of health does not allow him to continue working. According to him, he needs serious treatment.

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