How do famous Russian proverbs actually end?

Weekly “Argumenty i Fakty” No. 30. Not the only one in its Mavrodi 27/07/2022

✔ A hen pecks at a grain, and the whole yard is in litter.< /p>

✔ Appetite comes with meal time, and greed — during appetite time.

✔ Poverty — not  vice, but misfortune.

✔ In a healthy body, a healthy mind — rare luck.

Drawing AiF

✔ In the family is not without a freak, but because of the freak everything pleases       

✔ Lucky, like a Saturday drowned man   — you don’t need to heat the bath.

✔ Where it is thin, it breaks, where it is thick, it layers.

✔ Hunger is not an aunt, a pie will not bring.

✔ A lip is not a fool, a tongue is not a shovel: they know what is bitter, what is sweet.

✔ Two pair of boots, yes  ;both left.

✔ The road is a spoon to dinner, and at least under the bench.

✔ The law is not written for fools if it is written — then not read if  read— then not understood if — then it not so.

✔ For the beaten one they give two unbeaten, but it not it hurts.

✔ Chasing two hares — you won't catch a single boar.

✔ Who will remember the old — to that eye out, and who will forget — both.

✔ Dashing trouble is the beginning, and there the end is already close.

✔ They carry water on the offended, and the good ones themselves ride.

✔ One in the field is not a warrior, but a traveler.

✔ A stick with two ends, hits here hit 

✔ The drunken sea knee-deep  , a puddle — by ears.

✔ The fisherman sees the fisherman from afar, therefore, he bypasses the  ;— diamond, a alien — glass.

✔ Ride quieter — you'll be farther from the place where you're going.

✔ Wow, yes the key is lost

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