Mandatory evacuation: the Ukrainian authorities decided to arrange a “loyalty test” for the residents of Donbass

“Who didn't leave, it's not my fault”

Five months after the start of the NWO, President Zelensky decided to evacuate the population of Donbass. Internally displaced persons are promised payments in the amount of 3,000 hryvnias and assistance in accommodation. However, this sudden concern for the population of the residents of the territories of the Donetsk region so far controlled by Ukraine does not please, but rather scares.

Photo: AP

And there is a reason. Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Irina Vereshchuk, who headed the headquarters for the evacuation, announced the obligatory nature of “evacuation measures.” Under the pretext that there will be no gas in the region next winter and people need to be saved from the cold, she promises to take at least 200,000 people out of the Donetsk region. President Zelensky assures that all that is needed for this is “the decision of the people themselves, who have not yet accepted it for themselves.” But Vereshchuk clarifies that “any resident of the region can refuse to evacuate in writing, indicating that he understands and is aware of all the consequences and bears personal responsibility for his life.” According to her, “such a form with a person's signature will be mandatory.” That is, if you do not want to leave for Western Ukraine, and it is there that they plan to evacuate the residents of Donbass, put a signature that if anything, you will not have claims It turns out, as in the “Ambulance” – if you do not want to be “hospitalized”, write a refusal. The only difference is that if you are afraid to go to the hospital, the orderlies will not come to you later at night. But when signing a paper that you do not intend to leave your house, which tomorrow will pass to the DPR, you actually draw a “yellow circle” on your door for the Ukrainian national battalions and the SBU. And, most likely, the farewell shell of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will fly into this house. det “cleansing”. Residents rightly fear that in this way the Ukrainian authorities are conducting a “test of loyalty” of the population, so that retreating, not to leave “stone on stone” from the cities.

However, the Ukrainian authorities have adhered to the tactics of “scorched earth” for the past five months. And they didn’t bother with any evacuation of the population. On the contrary, they did everything to prevent the departure of civilians, who are so convenient to use as a “human shield”. And the current “crocodile tears” about the unwillingness to leave people in difficult conditions are more like an attempt to take with them, leaving, as many “hostages” as possible. After all, guessing what the refusal to evacuate threatens them with, people will probably try to leave, hoping to somehow return later. Plans for “mandatory evacuation” have already forced people in Kramatorsk and Slavyansk to hastily look for ways to leave, not to the West, but to the East or South. In local telegram channels, people ask each other how to get to Berdyansk, Luhansk or Crimea, they are looking for fellow travelers and carriers. At the same time, posting photos of the strange preparations of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the net: freshly dug oblong pits began to appear right on the city lawns. Either trenches are being prepared for defense, or graves for the disloyal…


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