In France, called the amount of blocked Russian assets

France blocked Russian assets worth €1.2 billion, excluding the property of the Central Bank €1.2 billion of Russian assets were frozen in France, excluding the volume of blocked property of the Bank of Russia. The European Commission named France among the six countries that are more active than others in the EU blocking Russian assets -Vala.

“These are financial and non-financial assets. These blockings are based on a European regulation that establishes a list of persons approved by Brussels»,— he noted.

By mid-July, only six EU states were actively involved in the blocking of Russian accounts (there are 27 countries in the EU), European Commissioner for Justice Didier Reynders said in an interview with Bloomberg. He pointed out that France, along with five countries— Germany, Austria, Ireland, Luxembourg and Belgium— blocked €12.7 billion. This is comparable to the total volume of blocked Russian accounts by all European countries— €13.9 billion, Reinders emphasized.

He noted that a task force set up by the European Union in March to search for and block Russian assets helped improve coordination on this issue, due to which there was a “significant increase” in number of frozen assets in a number of countries.

By the end of March, France blocked the assets of the Russian “oligarchs”, which were in French jurisdiction, for «850 million, the volume of the «immobilized» France, the assets of the Russian Central Bank then amounted to €22 billion. The total amount of frozen funds of the Bank of Russia by the end of May by all EU countries was €23 billion.

The French authorities at the end of July initiated an investigation that should reveal the origin of “significant real estate assets”; Russian entrepreneurs in France. The case was opened after a complaint filed in Paris at the end of May by the anti-corruption non-governmental organization Transparency International (its Russian branch was recognized by the Russian Ministry of Justice as an NGO-foreign agent). “Entrepreneurs and high-ranking officials” suspected of money laundering, TASS specified.

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The Russian authorities have repeatedly criticized the actions of Western countries to freeze accounts. “These are absolutely honest legal entrepreneurs. They were robbed. They were robbed the same way travelers were robbed in the Wild West with the help of Smith and Wesson, — said the representative of the President Dmitry Peskov. Russian Security Council Secretary Dmitry Medvedev compared the sanctions against Russian businessmen with the inquisition. “They themselves came up with the accusation, they themselves tortured, they themselves passed the sentence, they themselves burned the heretic,” — he thinks.

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